Eastlake Performance COVID Games!

Welcome to the Eastlake Performance COVID Games!

We wanted to create a fun and exciting way to engage with our current clients and everyone who joins the Covid Games. The idea behind the games is to give each player daily workouts and challenges to keep active and fit during the stay-at-home quarantine in Seattle. We know this time is hard for people to stay motivated to workout, but with the addition of new tools to communicate and track progress, we hope this will help us stay connected at your finger tips throughout the quarantine!


Objective: Earn the most points by the end of quarantine! You are competing for a chance at free group training at our facility, a Lake Union boating day in July with $100 worth of food and beverage, and Eastlake Performance swag. Team scores will be averaged among all players in your group!

What’s Included?:

Daily Eastlake Performance workouts or challenges with instructional videos, progress tracking software, and support/help throughout the challenge from our trainers to help you earn points along the way!


How to get started:

  1. Go to www.eastlakeperformance.com/signup and complete the signup sheet

  2. Download the Mindbody client app and search for Eastlake Performance and purchase the COVID games introductory offer. Alternatively, you can venmo us @eastlakeperformance.

  3. Once you’re paid and signed up on Mindbody, we will send you an invitation to our client tracking software and platform where all the workouts will be posted.

  4. If you want to add players to your team, please send us an email or message through the Trainerize app letting us know the name of the person and we’ll put them on your team. Your team will be assigned a coach to help and answer any fitness related questions throughout the challenge.

If you do not have a team and sign up by yourself, we will assign you to a team so we can assign a coach that is responsible for answering all your fitness related questions and help you with your goals during the challenge.

    5. Start earning points!


COVID Game Entry - $20

Optional Add-ons:
1 on 1 Virtual Training $75 per session or bundle discounted 5 sessions for $350
Group Virtual Training Sessions $20 per session or 6 for $100
1 month nutritional counseling with a month of meal planning and weekly check-ins - $150
Recipe Book $25

How to earn points:

  1. Sign up for the challenge – 50 points

  2. Add a team member – 10 additional points for the team

  3. Purchase and schedule virtual personal training sessions with our amazing trainers! 15-25 points

  4. Post a snapshot of you doing the daily workouts or activities on your social media account. 25 points
    **make sure to tag us @eastlakeperformance and hashtag #covidgains

  5. Enroll in our monthly nutritional counseling. 50 points

  6. Purchase our 20 Healthy Eats Recipe book. 20 points

  7.  Post finished meals from the recipe book to social media account. 10 points
    **make sure to tag us @eastlakeperformance and hashtag #healthycovideats

  8. Complete surprise bonus challenges. An example would be buy local at a restaurant or store we choose. Show us proof that you purchased something from the store and we’ll give you points! Determined on a case-by-case basis.


So what are you waiting for?! We all know you’ve got a lot of free time on your hands, let’s all be active and help keep our gym alive!

Feel free to email info@eastlakeperformance if you have any additional questions!

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