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1 -on-1 Personal Training

Do you have specific personal training goals that you'd like 1-on-1 attention for? All of our individual programming is done per each client's specific requirements and logged in an online program that you can access 24/7 so you can track your progress along the way!

We also use software that links to your smart devices so information about calorie output, weight, biometrics, dietary habits, sleep tracking, and activity time are automatically updated. 


What's Included in 1-on-1 Training

  • Specific Personal Training Programming

  • Biometric Tracking

  • Access to all previous workouts

  • Hassle-Free Monthly EFT

  • Automatic Smart Device Link to our Software Programs

    • Apple Devices

    • Withings

    • Fitbit

    • MyfitnessPal 

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