Is Your Free Virtual Workout Worth It?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Thanks to the current pandemic, a lot of us are reassessing our fitness routines. With more time at home and concerns about going to the gym, it's no wonder people are turning to online workouts to help shed the COVID 15. But, those free workouts can come with some serious costs.

While there's always value in getting the work in wherever and whenever you can, free online videos or virtual sessions are far from the best way to make sustainable, long-term progress towards your goals. Here's why:

1. You Could Get Injured

It's difficult, and often impossible, to safely perform certain exercises outside of a gym setting. It's also not possible for a cookie-cutter program to take all your training needs into account. The YouTube trainer doesn't know that you blew your knee out or have a bad hip.

Virtual sessions are also limited by the fact that trainers can't see you from all angles, and therefore can't make real-time corrections to technique. While this may not seem like a big deal, it's VITAL to a safe and effective workout.

2. You May Not Get the Results You're Looking For

Online programs are written for the masses. As a result, they just won't get you the results that face-to-face personal training will.

Individuals working with a private or small-group trainer can expect to see 23% greater improvements in upper body strength, and 13% greater improvements in lower body strength.

They were also shown to self-select heavier training loads when working with a personal trainer, so they were able to train at higher intensities.

3. Personal Training Benefits Compound Over Time

Over time, the benefits of working with a trainer compound. You can expect to see improvements to lean body mass and aerobic capacity. Why does that matter? Because they help to prevent ailments like...

  1. Osteoporosis

  2. Sarcopenia

  3. Cardiovascular Disease

  4. Diabetes (type 2)

  5. Hypertension

  6. Asthma

  7. Sleep Apnea

4. Home Workouts Can Lead to Plateaus

Most “home gym” spaces consist of a few basic tools like dumbbells, cheap/low-resistance bands, and perhaps a yoga mat. While there's nothing wrong with a minimalist approach to training (keeping it simple is a great way to start) lifting the same weights and doing the same routine for weeks can lead to training plateaus and potential overuse injuries like tendonitis.

Having access to a fully equipped gym, with a variety of equipment and a highly educated personal trainer, on the other hand, ensures that you're maximizing the value of each workout and not leaving any potential progress on the table.

Examples of equipment that most home gyms lack can be as simple as having a barbell and a lifting rack or as complex as having indoor turf and specialized cardio equipment. Having access to a wide variety of training modalities (along with knowledge of how to properly utilize them) makes it safer to perform more advanced and more intense workouts, helping you to continually make progress.

5. Your Personal Trainer is Your Secret Weapon

If you've been thinking about trying personal training, the access to gym equipment is far from the most valuable part, the trainer is.

When you don’t have to worry about planning and executing workouts on your own, it's a lot easier to actually stick to them. When you work with a personal trainer you have an ally whose sole purpose is to motivate you to reach your goals. You also get to train confidently knowing you have a spotter there to make sure you're always staying safe.

So, if you've been wondering if personal training is right for you, ask yourself:

  1. Am I getting the results I want from my virtual workouts?

  2. Am I willing to risk injuries by working out alone?

  3. Can I stick with a program by myself?

If the answer to any of those was "no," come check us out! Your first session is free and

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