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Why You Shouldn't Hire a Personal Trainer

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Get a Personal Trainer 1. Costs! Personal training in the short-term is more expensive than a general gym membership. Costs can range anywhere from $60/hr-$150/hr, which is a stark comparison to an average $50/month for a gym membership. While a more budget conscience route seems logical if there are money constraints, the long-term benefits of choosing a more educated and experienced trainer will pay off. The benefit of choosing an experienced and educated trainer is the level of expertise and proficiency in program design. Experienced trainers will be able to effectively problem solve if your training reaches plateaus or if there are muscular imbalances that are hindering your progress. Novice trainers, while may be able to design a hard workout, may also not pair exercises that align with the goals or specific anatomy that you have. There are a slew of specific activation exercises and mobility drills that could improve your performance and could be absent from the workout. Injury prevention is also an important consideration when choosing a personal training gym. An experienced trainer will be able to spot muscular weaknesses and imbalances and modify a program to address these specific issues. While minor in the short-term, long-term implications of working out with these ailments could cause a future injury that will set you back and leave you on the sideline for weeks or even months. The emotional and monetary cost of injury is a reason why many people choose to workout with a trainer after they’ve self-trained for years. Being young and invincible in the weight room is temporary, a personal trainer can help you build a foundation of proper biomechanical default movements that will help prevent future injury. If costs for 1-on-1 training are too steep for your budget, search for semi-private training where the classes are capped at a small number of participants. This will save you money and will also provide many of the benefits of 1-on-1 training. Our semi-private sessions at Eastlake Performance are capped at 4 people so your trainer can modify and regress or progress any exercises that you find too easy or too difficult. You can find all of our costs for personal training by following this link: Eastlake Performance Pricing We provide full transparency for all of our pricing and we do not charge any fees whatsoever. You only pay for your personal training and that’s it.

2. Time Conflicts Personal training is like any other service business where you need to schedule an appointment in advance. If your schedule is variable or you work off hours, this can be a big deterrent and obstacle to overcome. Finding a trainer who has flexibility in their schedule is difficult and might eventually prove to be an insurmountable hurdle. Some private gyms employ multiple trainers at different hours so that they can accommodate the craziness of certain individual schedules. At Eastlake Performance we have staff available from 5am – 8pm to help mitigate this issue. We also use a software program to track all of our clients exercises and progress so each workout subsequent workout follows your master plan and all your trainers are on the same page.

3. You are unmotivated and don’t want to be pushed Personal training is an intimate experience that requires all participants to trust each other and create an athlete and coach connection. If a client is struggling for motivation, reaching personal goals will be much more difficult to achieve. Even a client that trains 5 times/week with us, spends 163 hours outside of our gym. To achieve your goals and prevent setbacks, you should be motivated not only in the gym, but in your daily life. We understand change is difficult, but having an experienced trainer can help steer you in the right direction by making one small change at a time to get the ball rolling. A small change like drinking water first thing in the morning could help set your mind in a healthy direction and after a few weeks your trainer might suggest cutting your nightly pint of ice cream into half, and so on and so forth. Your trainer is here to keep you accountable and be your personal cheat code to long-term health and wellness. Still on the fence after this amazing blog post? Drop us a line and tell us your goals and see if we might be able to help you! It never hurts to ask: Email Us -


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