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"I love every trainer here and being part of the community they've built!" - Carrie S.

Dynamax, 100lb dumbbells, exercise bands

EP Guarantee

With a constantly evolving work force, we are always seeking out the most talented exercise science and kinesiology graduates from the Pacific Northwest. We do our best to choose candidates that we know will create the same welcoming and elevated training experience at EP. We believe in our methods and are confident that you will see results. That's why we guarantee that we will be able to quantify, tangible results, that you've made.

Join the community at Eastlake Performance for the consistency. We have remained a constant, in a never- ending shuffle of life. 

R&D and continuing education in the field of exercise science is a core belief in our studio. 




Prefer to go it alone? Your personalized programming will be catered to your specific goals.

We will sit with you and have a consultation about what you are hoping to accomplish in the short-term and long-term. These goals should be quantifiable, we already know you'll feel better if you exercise.

Our small group training is limited to 4 participants. We do this so our coaches can watch each client carefully and manage any modifications that anyone should need within the 60-minute session.

Each workout will be new and exciting, and should align with your goals.

We offer small group training from:
Monday - Saturday: 6am - 10am and 3pm - 8pm
*if you have a group of 4 we can accommodate other times*

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