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Our Client Reviews

After walking past this place numerous times, I checked their website and liked that they only offer private and semi-private sessions. The space is small, but very well equipped and never crowded since they limit how many people are in the studio at a time. I've never seen more than 4 people working out at a time. I have been going twice a week for almost 6 months now and time has flown by! It's probably the first time in my life that I have been this consistent with going to the same gym for the same trainers. I never have trouble scheduling for the time slots I want and I can schedule a week at a time - they're pretty flexible about rescheduling as well when things come up.

Even the semi-private (1-4:1 training) feel pretty private. You always get individualized attention and modifications to suit your fitness level; it's definitely not a group class. I also enjoy the camaraderie as you meet other clients who come in at the same time. As someone who gets bored easily and has the tendency to drop things after a few months, I really appreciate that the workouts are never the same and I've learned a lot of new exercises and movements here despite a lifetime of dabbling in fitness.

All the personal trainers are excellent and put a lot of thought into programming. And I have so much fun here! I only bake for people I really like and I am constantly dropping off treats. My 2x a week commitment isn't much, but it has been efficient - I'm noticeably leaner and stronger. I can't recommend them enough!


—  Jeanna L., Project Manager

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