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At Eastlake Performance we treat each client as a unique individual. From biomechanical errors, range of motion issues, muscular asymmetries, and joint pain in the body, we are passionate about tailoring the movements and exercises that are the most beneficial. 

Who We Are

You're not one-size-fits-all and neither are we. At Eastlake Performance, you won't find templated workouts or mass-produced routines. We take an individualized approach with each of our clients, and we expect results in return. We are a family of college-educated and CSCS Certified trainers. All trainers are also required to hold a current AED/CPR certification as well. 

What We Do

Each 1-on-1 personal training program is designed to your specific goals, physiology, and sport or complimentary sport. We track physical and movement based numbers and keep you in line with your progress.  

What You Can Expect

Beyond our training, we do our best to create a warm and welcoming environment at our gym. We make sure you meet every single trainer so there are no strangers in the gym. Everyone at our studio is on your team!


We will also never charge you any fees or cancelation fees, ever. The only thing you pay for at Eastlake Performance is your personal training.


All packages are monthly EFT with no long term contracts. We don't charge any fees other than your personal training.


1-on-1 Training

1-on-1 Training Pricing

Per Session - Per Month

1x per week: $448.00

2x per week: $759.00

3x per week: $1028.00

4x per week: $1255.00

5x per week: $1508.00


Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Pricing

Per Session - Per Month

1x per week: $290

2x per week: $498.00

3x per week: $685.00

4x per week: $851.00

5x per week: $1044.00


Ramp Up Beginners Program

This program is designed to work on optimal foundational movement and get new clients ready for the following mechanics: 



Overhead Movement

Mobility and default biomechanics are addressed during these sessions. Little to no weight will be used during these sessions.


$350 for 5 sessions (cannot be combined with any other offers)

Beginners Program

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