Our trainers care about the clients first and foremost; the health and safety during our personal training sessions and outside of our gym are our biggest concern. We try to prehab clients for big life events or assist in rehabilitation under the guise of our physical therapist network. Our method of personal training is to never beat our clients into the floor, we effectively and efficiently program for peak performance and believe in training smarter, not harder. 

We offer a clean and complete studio, outfitted with the highest quality equipment.  We only allow 4 trainers to work the floor at any given time, which maintains a more personable and positive experience for both clients and trainers. We do not believe in packing the house for maximum occupancy, rather we prefer to cut off occupancy for a more exclusive and personalized experience in our gym.  

Eastlake Performance also takes continuing education seriously and all personal trainers meet bi-monthly to discuss recent research, exercise modalities, and other pertinent information that builds value for our clientele and our personal training gym. In addition to our meetings, we provide continuing education for our trainers outside of our facility, and subscribe to everything personal training and health related in our industry (research publications, blogs, podcasts, literature, etc). 

The personal training industry is full of inexperienced trainers without proper education. We are not a volume training facility like big corporate gyms, so we weed out all applicants that do not display competency in training and/or professional communication to our clients. Our goal is to provide the best personal training experience that we can and keep our clients safe. We stand against the low industry standards for personal training and keep striving to keep our skill set and experience above our competitors. 


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