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Space saving apartment gym build-out

Suspension training and attachments
Apartment equipment for home gym

Unless you’re in a 3,000 square foot apartment, space will be the biggest hurdle for equipping home gym. Here are some of the best ideas and pieces of equipment we recommend to include in your build-out.

In 99% of scenario’s, we would recommend purchasing a set of exercise bands of varying tensions and a set of handles/carabiners to add more variety of grip holds. Another versatile tool you can use is a suspension strap system like the TRX, which conveniently can be placed on top of a door and will use your own body weight to create varying resistances based on your body angle to the anchor point.

If you invest in both, you can use the TRX Suspension system as the grab handles by attaching it to the exercise bands. There are also adjustable dumbbells from multiple companies like Bowflex and Power Systems that reach 100 pounds each, but will cost significantly more than multiple bands and a TRX. Remember the best ideas for a build-out will include items that can be used for multiple purposes to save space.

Another addition to your apartment/home gym would be some type of lifting platform. The floor can be used for certain variations of pressing exercise, but if you want/need to move in a full range of motion, a bench or some type of surface that your elbows can clear on either side would be helpful. For this we would recommend either using a foam roll as the bench or even a physioball (yoga ball) for pressing exercises. Both have a variety of uses and add a lot of diversity to your exercises.

In order to continue your gains in apartment gym, you will need to add weight and resistance. If you are trying to build strength, you will need to increase resistance by adding weight or extra bands to your exercises. This isn't easy if you have downstairs neighbors and/or limited space, but not impossible. As always, try and aim for a manageable linear progression each week, while also taking weeks off to focus on endurance and mobility. If you have any questions or looking for personal trainers in Seattle, reach out to us at Eastlake Performance and set up a free assessment!

Body weight exercises at home


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